In this directory…
are Christian churches of various backgrounds. Many are related to a network of churches commonly – though not exclusively – known throughout the world as Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. Most, but not all, are not “Charismatic / Pentecostal” and yet believe in the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the members.

The Christusgemeinde Peine, as editor and organizer of this list, commits itself to the following principles:

Jesus is the Son of God. He was human and God in one. He is building His church.

The Bible is the only standard for faith and practice of Christians.

From these two principles follow these others:

Division among Christians is a terrible evil. It develops when the revealed will of God is ignored and human opinions i.e. traditions are made to be requirements to belong to a church.

We do not want to be a part of a denomination but simply Christians. Of course, we realize that we are not the only Christians.

Unity can develop when we return to the basics of the New Testament Church as desired by the Holy Spirit through the apostles. One of these characteristics is that each church is autonomous. And yet we also realize that these autonomous churches need each other and want fellowship with one another.

To the differences in the understanding of the Scripture we practice the following: Teachings, which are not directly from Jesus and His Apostles but are indirectly derived, may be correct but should not be considered binding for all Christians. Where the Bible speaks, we speak, where the Bible is silent, we are silent.

Thus: In matters of faith, unity; in matters of opinion, freedom; and in all things, love.

It is our hope that you can identify with these principles if you can and would like to know more about them, us, or the unity please email us here: Who knows what Christ can start!

The purpose of this directory is to provide an independent church contact resource for Christians traveling in Europe, businessmen, and exchange students. The directory will also assist Christians working in European countries and any others searching for a church family in Europe. It will also provide a bridge between East and West European Christians and facilitate communication and encouragement between churches.